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June 26, 2005

Incremental Patenting

Few patents cover something spanking new; the vast majority are incremental improvements. At what point does an incremental improvement merit patent protection? Patent law addresses this rather fundamental issue, as have the courts.

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June 7, 2005

Not Gaga for the search engine that begins with G (G*)

Late last year G* announced a huge project to scan every book in the world. Well that is not what they said exactly, but pretty close. Although the initial press release stated that they will begin with out of copyright books, in an interview with Search Engine Watch, G* also stated that "In-copyright" books that are in these collections will have basic bibliographic information available.

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When is an invention patentable?

Many inventors are disappointed to learn that their idea by itself cannot be patented. Typically, their idea could be patented if it were developed a bit further. This “I-got-a-great-idea” stage isn’t enough because U.S. patent law requires that the invention be both “conceived” and “reduced to practice.”

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