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November 3, 2005

Coffee Beer

Nestec, a subsidiary of Swiss-based Nestlé, has filed patents (WIPO application) in every major market worldwide for "coffee beer". Nestec's non-alcoholic coffee beer smells like strong coffee, has a caffeine kick like a mule, and foams like beer when poured.

Coffee beer is fermented in a brewing process similar to beer, but remains non-alcoholic. Fine tuning the temperature control during the fermentation process stops the formation of ethyl alcohol. A patent for alcoholic coffee beer predates Nestec's patent application.

Coffee oil is extracted into a cryogenic condenser while roasting coffee beans. The leftover beans are finely ground, mixed with yeast and sugar, then fermented for 4 hours at 22 degrees Celsius. The yeast metabolizes, but does not convert to alcohol. The aromatic coffee oil is then mixed in with the ground-bean liquid, and nitrogen is injected to make the drink foam.

Adding a small portion of sugar also helps trap the aroma until the drink is poured, Nestlé says. Nestlé claims that "fruity and/or floral notes" can be generated to enhance the aroma of the drink while retaining its basic coffee nature.

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Don't forget to add the nicotine!
Coffee Having a Nicotine Composition Dissolved Therein
patent#: US 6749882

Posted by: Daniel at November 4, 2005 3:34 PM