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December 13, 2005

King of the Patent Trolls

Acacia Research is a juggernaut of a patent licensing company, gaining momentum as the leader in patent monetization for the worthy few. Acacia just announced acquisition of another portfolio, for monitoring and diagnosing computer information. The technology is already employed by numerous companies, and has already been licensed to some large corporations, so the enforcement pump is primed.

Acacia controls 35 patent portfolios of over 130 patents, and another 25 portfolios are in the process of acquisition.

Acacia CEO Paul Ryan crowed, "As Acacia's licensing grows, we are attracting more companies and inventors that want us to license and enforce them."

Acacia closely vets portfolio candidates, claiming that 98% of patents offered don't make it past the first stage of consideration, being weeded out for problematic claims and validity concerns.

"We spend a lot of money researching our patents. Our in-house team of engineers takes a look at each potential patent in the first stage. But we hire outside expert engineering groups, once we get into our second stage," explained Rob Stewart, chief of Acacia's investor relations.

Earlier this month, Acacia suffered a rare setback when claims of its heavily-litigated digital media transmission patents were found indefinite. But Acacia did score a licensing agreement settlement with Matsushita and Panasonic for patents related to audio/video synchronization and enhancement.

In November, Acacia acquired patents related to increasingly popular healthcare technology covering digitally transmitting medical images. Acacia is now gearing up to implant cash-flow IVs into hospitals and healthcare providers.

In October, Acacia geared itself to heavy industry and manufacturers for a resource scheduling technology patent. Also in October, Acacia threw down a final offer to more than 40,000 universities before launching what could be a massive onslaught of lawsuits for online education programs using streaming audio/video over the internet.

In September, an Acacia subsidiary snagged a license from AMD for chipset technology, while continuing with a infringement lawsuit hook in the mouth of big bass Intel, and small fry Via Technologies.

Acacia started out in porn in 2004, asserting steamy streaming video patents against a dozen of the large cocks in the internet porn business.

Posted by Patent Hawk at December 13, 2005 12:07 AM | Patents In Business


IBM is the real king of the patent trolls.

With their portfolio of some 40,000 patents they effectively impose "IBM tax" on all kinds
of businesses, large and small.
Meanwhile, the quality of an average IBM patent is rather bad, with almost no prior art cited for the majority of their patents.
I guess different standards apply to IBM after all: "Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi"

Posted by: small guy at December 13, 2005 6:46 AM