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June 25, 2007

Patent Coolies

Curt Rose, associate general counsel for Hewlett-Packard, in support of the much ballyhooed Peon-to-Patent pilot program, blathered, "We don't want to get patents issued that aren't valid." One has to wonder why HP, IBM, Intel, and other huge computer technology companies are so penny-wise and pound-foolish to use amateurs for patentability searches when they ought to, and can easily afford to, employ professional prior art searchers.

The Washington Post inked dross from PC World's Grant Gross about how marvelous it is that big companies let little people take potshots at patent applications.

Pamela Jones, founder of Groklaw, a messy web site rummaging about open-source and free software legal issues, at least had a colorful quote: ""I think of this project as spraying insecticide on stupid patents before they can multiply; and your knowledge of prior art is the bug spray."

Patent Hawk's extensive experience is that the worst prior art leads come from engineers who remember past technologies badly.

Sound advice: if you want your patent applications vetted for validity, hire a pro. It costs less than $1000 to hose down an application to see if it will sink or swim.

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