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September 4, 2007

The Breeze

The Washington Post summarizes the polarity between serially infringing computer companies and patented-up big pharma towards the Patent Reform Act of 2007. The House is expected to take up the patent cudgel this Friday, while the Senate lolls. The Congressional Budget Office thinks the cost impact on the government of the Act would be "negligible," and that's as far as they care to peruse. Meanwhile, James Malackowski, CEO of patent broker Ocean Tomo, reminds what's at stake.

Malackowski opines in IP Law 360:

Much of the United States' manufacturing base has moved offshore — most notably to China — to lower cost labor markets. Our service economy is likewise moving to India and other regions where Ph.D. engineers can be hired for less than $25 per hour.

If manufacturing has left for China and service has left for India, what is left? The very foundation on which our country was built more than 200 years ago — innovation. More specifically, our national treasure is innovation and the intellectual property law that protects it.

IP as national policy is our leadership role to lose. If we do not recognize this, we will suffer from emerging economies that compete with us in manufacturing today but are laying the seeds to compete in an IP economy.

Japan has elevated IP to national policy. China’s patent office was not established until the mid 1980s and already as many patents are filed each year in China as are filed in the United States.

Without the protection patents afford, new developments are simply whisked away to the lowest cost market. Without the protection of patents, the economic returns necessary to invest in innovation disappear.

As a nation we must renew our focus on IP as a matter of national policy and global competition. Our policies, both public and private, must recognize and reward innovation and creativity. Doing so will create new products, services and related high-paying jobs.

Posted by Patent Hawk at September 4, 2007 9:46 PM | The Patent System


Those two little words "We must..." eh James? Here in Germany, one hears them in the mouths of politicians, over and over. Come on James, tell us HOW we are going to improve patent law. That's not so easy. No matter what item in the house of cards is tweaked, it has repercussions throughout the house.

Posted by: MaxDrei at September 4, 2007 10:13 PM