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December 19, 2007

Ritual Fulfillment

Patent enforcer TPL Group and Patriot Scientific, holding microprocessor patents, witnessed the ritual of bended knee and open wallet by Matsushita/Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC, and NEC. Trial was docketed for next month in the Eastern District of Texas.

The seven are part of the Moore Microprocessor Patent Portfolio (MPP).

MPP is jointly held by TPL and Patriot. The two had a spat over ownership; Patriot even getting so pissed as to sue TPL in February 2004; they wrangled, but patched together an agreement to share a very large pie, estimated at $1 billion. Nice pie.

Erstwhile defendants Fujitsu and Sony had already settled. HP, Sharp, TEAC, Daewoo, Royal Phillips, APC, LEGO, Bull, Nokia, SanDisk, WMS Game, Alpine Electronics, and Lite-On IT have all performed ritual acknowledgement.

Patents are, by law, legitimate intellectual property, a form of abstract commodity that may be appropriately monetized based upon a variety of metrics. Others, sometimes referred to as "IP Amish," have a religious persuasion that such practice of patent monetization is unseemly.

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