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February 3, 2008


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a self-appointed busybody for relieving owners of their intellectual property whenever possible. Their Patent Busting Project aims at "illegitimate" computer-related patents. EFF modus operandus is filing reexamination requests on "particularly egregious patents;" namely, those where the owner raises an enforcement stink, and EFF thinks it has dug some decent prior art.

EFF effuses self-righteous outrage ensconced in a police state mentality: "how dare you enforce a granted patent; we'll bust your ass for that."

EFF's religious fervor and hyperbole taint hooplehead opinion about patents, which is the great public disservice that EFF performs. It would be interesting to know who bankrolls these goons; something, naturally, EFF does not disclose.

EFF trash talk aside, policing the patent office for its past indulgences is a dirty job, and the EFF is doing its bit; and in doing so, proving that post-grant opposition is alive and well, hence demonstrating statutory change there unnecessary.

Posted by Patent Hawk at February 3, 2008 3:21 PM | The Patent System