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February 21, 2008

Loaded Gun

George Margolin of the Professional Inventors Alliance had a graphic response to last week's editorial in the Washington Times by Senators Leahy, touting S. 1145, the Senate bill to deform the U.S. patent system. "All inventors strongly disagree with [Leahy], but he wouldn't know that because he has allowed few, if any, real inventors speak before his committee," Margolin conjectured.

Posted by Patent Hawk at February 21, 2008 10:09 AM | The Patent System


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AND --- here is a copy of an email I just received from the ad salesman at The Hill Newspaper. It is trying to sell me on buying an ad because "This is a special issue on Intellectual property."

That MIGHT have been interesting had he not shown me the articles that he was going to publish on March 4th. This really needs a RESPONSE from ALL of us who value our American Patent System.

A rerun of the Leahy/Hatch editorial which was run in the Washington Times

And Boucher on how good H.R.1908 is for inventors and the tooth fairy.

George Margolin



Posted by: George Margolin at February 27, 2008 8:57 AM


By George Margolin – Vice President – Professional Inventors Alliance

Patentor@gmail.com www.inventorsblog.org

Here’s the REAL skinny on “bad” and non-manufactured patents. Are they BAD as the Gargantuan, Goliath,Trans-National Corporations constantly complain, or are these claims just stalking horses to let them CORRUPT, DIMINISH AND DESTROY -- the BEST-IN- THE-WORLD AMERICAN PATENT SYSTEM? Read on for the answer.

First off – OUR patent system – was designed by our brilliant Founding Fathers. to offer inventors a chance to STOP HIDING their inventions asTRADE SECRETS in order to protect them from theft. Yet, at the same time, to TEACH those capable of learning about their new and improved inventions and creations. The TEACHING mode is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of our patent system.

But the DEAL WITH THE DISCLOSING INVENTORS WAS AND SHOULD NOW ALSO BE the PROTECTION of that information through being kept SECRET by and in the patent office. After which – IF a patent ACTUALLY ISSUES – the information would be PUBLISHED for all in America – and the world as well – to learn from and build upon.

But only AFTER it was published and “protected” by a patent – “Congress shall have the power to PROMOTE THE PROGRESS of Science and useful arts by SECURING FOR A LIMITED TIME the E X L U S I V E right to their respective writings and discoveries.”


1. Inventor invents
2. Inventor discloses to the U.S. Patent Offfice
3. Patent office acknowledges receipt of disclosure and keeps it secret while examining the patent application/disclosure.
4. Patent office – after the time required – either ISSUES a patent or DENIES and REJECTS as patent.
5. IF ISSUED – the patent (not the application which may have changed during examination) is PUBLISHED
6. If REJECTED – the application with all its possible back and forths – and changes – is NOT published
7. If NOT published the inventor may re-file an IMPROVED (hopefully) application OR keep it as a trade SECRET
8. IF PATENTED AND PUBLISHED – the world is GIVEN this new knowledge – to BUILD UPON, but NOT INFRINGE until the patent terms out

That is – perhaps until NOW – the DEAL that has made America the Greatest Creator of vital technology and LEADER of invention IN THE WORLD.

That means that ALL published patents --- whether they are “good” or “bad” patents – whatever “bad” means – as I learned in my training in the Psychological Arts,
--- “EVERYTHING IS GRIST FOR THE MILL” -- meaning that even the seemingly LEAST IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE of the least important patent or psychiatric session -- may lead to concepts and insights that COULD BECOME MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS.

So that the most INSIGNIFICANT patent – might well be provide an EPIPHANY for someone to base a Better, More important or even World Shaking invention or innovation.

So – THERE ARE NO BAD PATENTS! ALL patents are designed to TEACH.

PREMATURE PUBLICATION BEFORE A PATENT ISSUES – destroys the entire “Quid pro Quo” BASIS OF THE AMERICAN PATENT SYSTEM and CHEATS the inventor and our country out of ALL of his protection to EXCLUDE OTHERS -- as stated in the U.S. Constitution .

Posted by: George Margolin at March 29, 2008 3:44 PM