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March 19, 2008

Fully Funded Again

The Senate last week, by unanimous approval, slipped into its 2009 budget an amendment to condemn diverting funds from the USPTO. The Senate version of the budget is sliced and diced in April, but PTO funds won't be on the plate. That means the USPTO 2009 budget will exceed two billion dollars.

Prior to 2005, the PTO, which is the only profitable government agency, had funds siphoned off into general revenues. Fully funded, the only to-do item left unchecked is getting decent PTO management, a little trimming of the weeds that would pay huge dividends.

Posted by Patent Hawk at March 19, 2008 4:52 PM | The Patent Office


Eighteen years late (meaning Congress shouldn't have done this nonsense to begin with), but better late than never.

Posted by: EG at March 20, 2008 3:55 AM