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July 11, 2008


Rambling Rambus is putting Nvidia on the litigation griddle for infringing 17 patents. Nvidia specializes in graphics processing chips. Rambus specializes in raking it in for patented semiconductor technologies. Founded in 1990 by two geeks, Rambus has been an nonstop patent litigator paradise, suing for licenses rather than the pesky process of making anything. But patient. Rambus jawed with Nvidia over six years before heading to the courthouse. The two will continue to talk while the lawyers rack up billable hours.

Posted by Patent Hawk at July 11, 2008 6:34 PM | Patents In Business


"Rambus specializes in raking it in for patented semiconductor technologies..."

Rambus is only seeking fair compensation for their IP, the convicted DRAM cartel and their supporters (nVidia any scores of others) are reluctant to pay for infringing Rambus's IP.

"Rambus has been an nonstop patent litigator paradise..."

So far from the truth, Rambus that invented the solution to the CPU/chipset bottle neck has been put through a litigation living hell and was harmed irrepably by the deliberate attempt to ruin them by a convicted cabal of IP pirates. Rambus only wants what they rightly deserve for their innovations.

"...suing for licenses rather than the pesky process of making anything."

Rambus with its world class expertise advanced the state of the art in the field of chip to chip interfaces, they have valid and enforceable patents and what they are busy "making" is cutting edge, world class innovations that enable modern computing.

Rambus resorted to litigation after six years of fruitless negotiations because nVidia apparently prefers the currant situation in which they steal more and more of Rambus legitimate IP.

I am surprised that you of all people are blind to the realties of this sordid saga.

Rambus is the victim of a decade long campaign by dozens of JEDEC members that simply want to steal Rambus's IP.

nVidia and the convicted DRAM cartel are just thieves, plain and simple.

Posted by: Regata De Blank at July 12, 2008 3:58 AM

Hi Regata,

Thanks for pulling my tongue out of my cheek.

Of course you are right. Rambus is only doing what is necessary, however unfortunate, to enforce its patent rights.

Longtime readers of the Patent Prospector know that Patent Hawk fully supports inventor patent rights.

It is a shame that patent holders have to resort to litigation in most cases.

Not that Patent Hawk has anything against lawyers or litigation, mind you. Patent litigation is bread-and-butter for Patent Hawk, and litigators are the bulk of Patent Hawk clientele.

I would not go so far as to call infringers thieves. Patent infringement and validity are not moral issues, unless you want to call failure to negotiate to an agreement an immorality. It's more a reaction that humans have from infancy to see what can be gotten away with. In other words, humans are innately immoral, if one wishes to take a viewpoint of morality. Patents just happen to be an unusually expensive manifestation of a common phenomena.

The courts do, after all, encourage litigation, because declaratory judgment motions now are so easy to file.

Posted by: Patent Hawk at July 12, 2008 10:13 AM

Hi Patent Hawk

I'm Glad to see you are consistent with your beliefs, you got me fooled there for a while…

As for Rambus v. the convicted DRAM cartel, JEDEC, several DC & State politicians, the FTC, the DOJ, the ITC, the USPTO, a federal Judge… all are engaged in a long and on going campaign to destroy Rambus while the semiconductor industry at large wantonly use Rambus's legitimate IP.

When a (convicted) cartel conspires to destroy a competitor (while stealing their [intellectual] property) patent infringement and validity become moral issues…

Some of the smoking gun (criminal) evidence too all of the above is all ready out there, one just needs to take the time and read it.

Thanks for your interesting blog


p.s. Micron, the ring leader of the anti Rambus movement has a tremendous (possibly terminal) liability vis a vis the Rambus litigation (both the infringement and the AT cases) and unsurprisingly, is a charter member of "the coalition for patent fairness" (a.k.a "the coalition for patent piracy") and has spent millions lobbying in DC (with legislators, the FTC, ITC & the USPTO) Virginia, California and Idaho against Rambus.

The Rambus odyssey was never a simple, run of the mill case of "failure to negotiate" agreements, it is one of the most important business/social battles of our times.

It is a war between conflicting paradigms, constitutional patent law v. legislated patent "reform", political capital v. federal courts, "unending" litigation v. "judicial economy", the politics of global business v. US National interests (IRS), US executive branch corruption v. the US judiciary etc etc…

The global corporations/big businesses/robber barons/the hegemony want to stop the reemergence of another "Qualcomm" at any cost…

Posted by: Regata De Blank at July 12, 2008 11:15 PM

The tech robber barons have this kind of mentality: when they see some little guy or a small company invent and patent some groundbreaking innovation with the clear potential to change technology landscape, they don't make even a slightest attempt to negotiate an early and cheap license (or buy it cheap outright) for the use of patented technogy
Instead they want to steal everything as if they are entitiled to every new invention made by some newcomer
When presented with 2 choices: license it now for cheap or face a litigation nighmare 10 years later they always choose the second alternative
Why is that ?
Simple: there is no personal liability for any corporate exec deciding to steal IP.
They can rake in billions for a few years until patent holder is capable of suing them
By that time they are at a different company doing the same shit or better yet, retired at the Bahamas
The company shareholders then pay the price of litigation and licencing of stolen IP
UNtil this situation changes those CEOs will continue to make decisions to steal IP, no matter what
Criminalize willful patent infringement !!!
It's the only way to stop endless and wasteful patent litigation (other than completely destroying patent system via so-called congressional "patent reform")

Posted by: angry dude at July 14, 2008 7:29 AM

Yeah... what he said... arrr arrr arrr...
Down with the corporate infidels... arrr arrr arrr....

Posted by: anon at July 14, 2008 7:49 PM

Let me guess...
You work for Micron, anon dude ?

Posted by: angry dude at July 15, 2008 6:46 AM

"Let me guess...
You work for Micron, anon dude ?"

I buy their DRAM, best bang for your DRAM dollar. Crucial hands down. I don't need you or them jackin with my provider, who actually MAKES things.

Posted by: e6k at July 17, 2008 5:18 PM