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March 4, 2009


Northern California district court Judge Ronald Whyte today upheld the March 2008 jury verdict that Rambus' failure to disclose its patent plans to a standards group (JEDEC) meant nothing: "Consistent with the jury's finding, the court agrees that Rambus made no misrepresentations and uttered no deceptive half-truths to JEDEC and its members." This in a memory patent enforcement case against Korea-based Hynix and others. Share prices for Rambus stock shot up 9% on the news.

Judge Whyte on the foibles of the standard group: "The evidence suggests that the scope of a JEDEC member's expectation of disclosure ranged from non-existent to astonishingly broad. [T]here was no clearly understood agreement of JEDEC members to disclose patent applications or the intent to seek patents relevant to standards being discussed."

But the legal headaches are far from over for Rambus in enforcing its memory patents against Hynix, Micron Technology, and others. In January, a Delaware district court judge ruled that Rambus could not enforce a dozen of its patents against Micron. Just last month, Rambus had another suit against several chip maker stayed in another Northern California case.

[My apology. This was drawn from numerous mainstream press reports, none very good. Hence this too-sketchy coverage.]

Posted by Patent Hawk at March 4, 2009 3:12 PM | Litigation


The jig is up for the convicted DRAM cartel.

a) Any assertion that Rambus has been in any way fraudulent or engaged in any type of misconduct while participating in JEDEC meetings has been proven to be false by judge Ronald Whyte, a final CAFC ruling (Judge Rader) and the CADC's final ruling (FTC's appeal)

b) The FTC today SURRENDERED to Rambus the first (?) FTC victim to defeat the FTC!!


c) The convicted DRAM cartel is facing dismal prospects in Judge Kramer's court trying to defend them selves in an AT trial (with damages of 3.6 billion dollars before trebling!!) against price fixing charges they already confesed to.

As for "Judge" Robinson from Delaware with her outrageous ruling against Rambus. This ruling will be dismissed by the CAFC as it is totally detached from the law and the facts of the case as it flatly ignores the ruling of her fellow district Judge Ronald Whyte that totally exonerated Rambus from any charges of spoliation (and reiterated that ruling again in a subsequent ruling) not to mention the draconian, unconstitutional remedy of effectively striping Rambus of their property rights.

Now that all can see that Rambus is totally innocent and was telling the truth all along the only major problems Rambus still has are...

a) an excruciatingly slow, ineffective legal system that still harbors major pockets of corruption (Judge Payne & Judge Robinson)
b) Renegade Government agencies that run a persecution racket with impunity (USDOJ & FTC others?)
c) A jaded/sycophantic/corrupt media that refuse to tell it as it is and connect the dots of corruption that threaten to kill highly innovative companies like Rambus with out worrying that their conspiracy will be exposed.
d) The sad reality that the US is the nothing but a lawyers playground and the Judges whom were lawyers themselves let them play and play... with our lives.

If the corrupt DRAM cartel and their JEDEC supporters get their way with Rambus we can all kiss the USA goodbye...

Posted by: Regata De Blank at March 5, 2009 12:50 PM