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July 13, 2014

§101 Profile

6,128,415 claims a device profile to rid digital image distortion. The courts found it patent ineligible for being an abstraction. The CAFC (2013-1600): "For all categories except process claims, the eligible subject matter must exist in some physical or tangible form." The noose tightens on patenting software.

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July 9, 2014


The U.S. courts have done their best to limit patent scope and validity within the past decade, in reponse to corporate complaint. The sensible formula of writing a specification in problem-solution form turned into a formula for obviousness without evidence after KSR. In X2Y Attenuators v. ITC (2013-1340), the CAFC affirms another trick: terming a feature as "essential" in the disclosure limits any claim to that feature to the embodiment specifically disclosed. X2Y also created a corrupt precedent, in allowing any claim limitations in earlier applications to leak into a later CIP without claim construction, to argue invalidity. With the courts corrupted to mega-corporate interests, the broken U.S. patent system continues to squash invention by inventors and small companies with caprice.

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