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August 19, 2015

PTO Jitter

Power Integrations got 6,249,876 for "a technique for reducing electromagnetic interference by jittering the switching frequency of a switched mode power supply." Assertion against Fairchild Semiconductor was successful all the way through appeal, notably finding the patent non-obvious based upon a careful claim construction. On a dual track of reexamination instigated by Fairchild, the patent office found '876 obvious, based upon their sloppy claim construction. On appeal, the CAFC found that the patent "board fundamentally misconstrued Power Integrations' principal claim construction argument and failed to provide a full and reasoned explanation of its decision." The CAFC awarded costs to Power Integrations, and kicked the case back to the PTO, telling the patent examining poohbahs to get their act together.

Posted by Patent Hawk at August 19, 2015 4:41 AM | The Patent Office