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July 30, 2016

Voice Input

Northern California district court judge Vince Chhabria is one of many on the federal bench whose corruption would deny the rights of patent holders to protect the largest corporations. When Unwired Planet asserted patents against Apple that had a claim element of "voice input," Chhabria ridiculously limited the construction so as to allow non-infringement. As the CAFC put it on appeal (2015-1725), "the district court erred in its construction of 'voice input.' The claims require a voice input, not a voice channel."

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Symbol Generator

Advanced Group Information sued startup Life460 for its mobile phone app that lets people set up ad hoc familial networks. The asserted patents, 7,031,728 and 7,672,681, were found indefinite under §102 ¶ 2 because there was no disclosed support for a "symbol generator" claim element, which is quite simple software. (CAFC 2015-1732). Another instance of careless prosecution and patent assertion.

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