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Litigation broadly covers patent litigation. Specific aspects of litigation are covered under the following categories (essentially, subcategories of litigation): case law, claim construction, damages, declaratory judgment, inequitable conduct, ITC, prior art, reissue, § 101, & § 112.

  • § 101 examines patentable subject matter, both in litigation and prosecution.
  • § 112 covers the written description requirement, definiteness, and enablement.
  • Case Law chronicles precedential rulings not covered in the other categories below (mostly litigation, but also prosecution).
  • Claim Construction focuses on that crucial aspect of patent litigation.
  • Damages registers patent infringement damages.
  • Declaratory Judgment tackles the defense jumping on the offense.
  • Exhaustion diagnoses when a patent is exhausted.
  • Inequitable Conduct exposes the dark underbelly of patent weasels.
  • ITC focuses frisson at the trade commission.
  • Injunction looks into the grief of injunctive relief.
  • Prior Art explores the boundaries of anticipation and obviousness.
  • Reissue plays the gumshoe to the topic of reissue.

Antitrust peers into the power of the dark side: patent misuse.
Design Patents
lights the fashion runway of patents.
examines the American anachronism of patent interferences.
views patents around the world.
Patents In Business
revolves around the business of patents: how companies can profit from patents, as well as pitfalls in trying to do so.
provides information and practice suggestions for inventors and patent prosecutors. Includes coverage on reexamination.
The Patent Office
puts the spotlight on the agency.
The Patent System
is for general domestic patent news, and a catchall discussion of how, and how well, the patent system works, is played, and viewed. Patent legislation is covered in this section.

Generally, entries are in a single category, avoiding duplication, unless an entry ranges into topics of multiple categories. Case Law, for example, collates precedential rulings, but only those not about a more specific category topic (such as prior art).


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About the Authors

Patent Hawk - Gary Odom

Patent Hawk is a patent technical consultancy, serving attorneys, companies, and individual inventors. Patent Hawk services include: prior art search for patentability and patent validity; infringement analysis; technically accurate claim construction; patent valuation and infringement damage assessment; assisting companies and individuals in profiting from their patents; helping companies maximize their patent portfolio by expanding the scope of their inventions; technical assistance in working around patents; mentoring individual inventors in patenting their own inventions.

Patent Hawk technical expertise extends throughout computer software, networking, hardware, business methods, e-commerce, telecommunications, electrical & electronic, semiconductor, medical devices, manufacturing processes, mechanical, and consumer products.

Jordan Kuhn

Jordan Kuhn is a former USPTO examiner and patent agent. Jordan founded Platinum Patents, a patent prosecution boutique, in collaboration with Patent Hawk.