Patent Hawk Services

Patent Hawk is a full-service patent technical consultancy. Our mainstay service is building an invalidity position for litigation firms representing defendants via prior art search. Litigation support services also include: invalidity claim charts, reexamination, infringement claim charts, and claim construction analysis. We also help small companies fend off patent infringement assertions.

Patent Hawk valuates patents, but only if that is what a client really needs. Valuation requests often spring from misunderstanding the dysfunctional patent market.

With sufficient expertise to bring maximum value to our clientele, Patent Hawk specializes in the following technology areas:

» computer software » computer hardware » electrical & electronics
» e-commerce » financial systems » business methods
» networks » video, audio, imaging » telecommunications
» mobile devices » security & encryption » drilling & mining
» semiconductor » medical technologies » RFID
» mechanical » consumer products » manufacturing processes

Patent Hawk services are priced hourly. We provide not-to-exceed budget estimates upon request. Rush service is often available at no extra charge.

Hawk flying

Patent Hawk is a full-service patent technical consultancy.
Our values and practices are those of the best law firms.

Litigation Support

Prior art search is only the start of building a solid invalidity position.

Invalidity Claim Charts

Patent Hawk tells a compelling story of invalidity by charting invalidating prior art against claim elements. Anticipation charts are easy. In contrast, putting together a convincing chart of combinatorial obviousness demands crafting a tight fit.

Claim Construction

Patent Hawk claim construction cuts through potential confusion, delivering clarity with defensible technical fact. Patent Hawk technology briefs oriented toward claim construction can bring attorneys and expert witnesses up to speed, facilitating technically impeccable filings and testimony to the court.

Infringement Analysis

Patent Hawk charts claims against accused products, determining quality of fit.



Patent Hawk can fully prepare a reexam, from finding invalidating prior art to putting the last nail in the coffin of a reexam request. Patent Hawk can also dog the patent holder in an inter partes reexam.


Valuation & Monetization

A granted patent, an enforceable patent, and a saleable are three different things, due to inconsistencies in USPTO examination.

Patent Hawk can determine whether a patent is worth more than the paper it was printed on, and its potential value. Patent Hawk can develop a written presentation to put your portfolio in the best light for sale. Finally, Patent Hawk can realistically advise you on monetization possibilities, and connect you with the right people.

Prior Art Search

Patent Hawk is a well-proven patent killer. The Hawk has put the hurt on more patents this century than anyone else could boast.

Typical Patent Hawk prior art search work product is a summary report of salient quotes from relevant references, along with a download page. This allows quick digest of the best prior art, and a single access point from which all team members can obtain the references. That withstanding, we deliver results however you, the client, wish.

Prior art search budgets vary by need. Patentability and validity vetting searches are quick and inexpensive. The budget for litigation invalidity searches varies considerably, depending upon the specific technical art area.

Litigation Invalidity

The best way to kill a patent is by a prior art patent. Publications tend to provide details, but lack coverage scope. Products sometimes present a documentation issue, but otherwise can be potent prior art. Patent Hawk has the means to search all forms of prior art.

Pre-litigation Validity

It is insensible to assert a patent that can be easily invalidated. Patent Hawk recommends a maximum of $1,200 for vetting the validity of a patent prior to plaintiff assertion. Results gotten quickly are provided without charge.


The best results for reexamination searches are like arrows in a quiver. While only one may be essential to bring a patent down, it's best to have a few for backup.


While a $600 budget for patentability searches is typical, cost depends on art area, particularly how crowded the neighboorhood. Patentability searches for consumer product innovations may be had for $400 or less, while inventions in heavily patented technologies deserve a $1,000 budget to determine merit.

Freedom to Operate

There may be a thicket of patents that preclude commercialization of a product without tempting infringement assertions. Patent Hawk can discover how thick the sledding may be for a technology.

Competitive Intelligence

Patent Hawk can map patent territory for you. Patent Hawk can determine whether patent coverage is thick or thin in an art area, and can help brainstorm patent prospects.